Statement of Solidarity
July, 2020

The Board and Staff of The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation stand in solidarity with Black communities across the country in denouncing the profound injustice of systemic racism and its effects in our society. 

We stand proudly with our fellow Americans against brutality and discrimination. We call for fairness and justice for all and are appalled by the lack of understanding and compassion ​so often exhibited by the police and some of our leaders.

We are committed to support the children and youth from communities who directly ​experience the consequences of injustice and discrimination every day of their lives​. We point with pride to the activism of our grantees who serve as artists and role models​, teaching young people how the arts transmit messages of decency, equity and excellence and help form their conscience for the future.

The Foundation’s principles reflect Tana and Pierre’s generosity and pursuit of excellence in the arts. To sustain their legacy, the Foundation:

  • Funds programs which advance arts education in public, charter, and parochial schools in New York City
  • Supports scholarly research in the arts
  • Loans works of art to museums for special exhibitions
  • Awards art-related project grants to museums, libraries and universities 


Pierre and Tana Matisse in their New York City home.
Photograph by Hans Namuth for Connaissance des Arts, February 1987.



Tana Matisse enjoying the company of Joan Miró at the artist’s home in Mallorca, circa 1980



Pierre and Tana Matisse with Marc Chagall at a reception at The Art Institute of Chicago, 1977



Pierre and Tana Matisse visiting Balthus and Setsuko Ideta in Rossinière, Switzerland, circa 1988



Tana Matisse and Zao Wou-Ki in his studio, ca. 1992



The entrance of the Pierre Matisse Gallery in the Fuller building in NYC where Pierre Matisse maintained his gallery for over 50 years